Inter-village brawl, a man almost killed

Elfiandra, 25, a resident Malancar Jorong Malancar Kanagarian Pintupadang, District Mapat stumps, Pasaman, beaten nearly killed masses of the village Tanjungair Kenagarian Lubuklayang South Marancar Rao District around 21:00 pm Tuesday night (12 / 7). As a result of alleged beatings were no old grudges between the two villages.

Elfiandra conditions were now forced to lie down and helpless in hospitals Lubuksikaping. Because the victim suffered injuries that made a bunch of sharp weapons mass. There are three ex-wound victim sharp weapon which forced the medical team stitched the back section. In addition to the back section victim also suffered head injuries hit the wood section.

According to the victim's sister, Elfiandra accompanied by her sister Jessica, along with other families, said the incident began when the victim was about to depart from the village to Bukittujuah, to call her family overseas. At that time the victim with a motorcycle dibonceng sekampungnya friend Henry. And there is one more friend Fennel with alone.

Coming home from Bukittujuh, at around 21:00 pm they were immediately intercepted by a mob allegedly set of Tanjungair it. "They immediately raided and beating both of us (Henry and Elfiandra, red). About 1.5 miles from the crime scene Malancar village where I live, "the story calls Elfiandra Andra, to Padang Express in hospitals Lubuksikaping Wednesday (13 / 7).

It is said Andra, the mass was most likely before long to wait for our return in the way of cross-Rumbai Rao, then immediately attacked and beaten by the masses who have emotions. At that time, they used wooden beams to paralyze even the sharp senjat target.

"We had a fight, but their numbers are too much there are 30 around people, especially, they use a knife stabbing my back three times. As a result, I immediately fell down, "said Andra wailed in pain.

Added, one of his relatives said, it is known that perpetrators of the attacks and beatings of residents Tanjungair, Curanting, Kanagarian Lubuklayang, District of South Rao. At the event, Andra friend named Fennel forced to flee into Marancar for help citizens. But Andra already slumped on the ground in a state far from the residential area.

Meanwhile, Abdul Muas are also civil servants in the Commission Pasaman, the victim's family said, so far not known for sure what the motive for the beatings to his family. Because no question they undergo a blind attack. However, from the information obtained, it could be because of old grudges are still stored. The reason is, there used to be residents of Tanjungair caught stealing 80 kg of rubber ellipsoid Malancar owned by residents.

Though the problem of theft 80 kg rubber ellipsoid Malancar already owned by residents settled well and have reconciled at the police station Pasaman some time ago.
But, the reality people still keep the embers Tanjungair grudge because their citizens are caught stealing gum. And residents who stole the rubber had become the butt of residents malancar.

"Yes, most likely due to revenge, they are not happy and the players gang up Marancar citizens," said Muas while visiting the victims, while also delivering the victims arrived at hospitals Lubuksikaping around 04.00 WIB Wednesday. (13 / 7)

Currently, residents in the village Malancar still alert to anticipate the worst that could happen. And for the incident has been handled by the police from the police Pintupadang, not far from the scene of events (the scene) takes place.

Invisible Criminal Police Pasaman AKP. Ediwarman justify the events of the attack carried out against citizens Marancar Tanjungair citizens. And while this has made the development of events that nearly killed the victim. "Perpetrators will be subject to Article 170 of the Criminal Code of the beatings," said the Invisible Reskrim Ediwarman


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