Marlon and Sutarman Examined next Monday team investigating the High Court (High Attorney) Sumbar back to schedule an examination of the former regent and former Sekdakab Dharmasraya Marlon Suarman Solok. Both former officials who have been named as a suspect in the different cases of alleged corruption will be checked on Monday (4 / 7).

Originally, Marlon and Suarman examined along with the former Regent of Solok Gusmal and five suspected transfer of land rights in the former Solok regency in 2008, Lukman, Emildolia Khaira, Husni, Musril Muis and Anwar, who was arrested on Tuesday (28 / 6).

But when it Suarman not present in sick. While the examination of Marlon defined as suspect cases of suspected cases of mark-up price of land development Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Dareh River, Dharmasraya District in 2009 was deliberately delayed.

Head of the High Court (High Attorney) Fachmi West Sumatra, on Friday (1 / 7), said the letter calls for a second suspect in the previous inspection schedules are equally unable to attend due to illness it has shipped. While the two suspects about the reasons for his illness, does not preclude later examination, Fachmi said, not so mempersoalkannya. "We'll see," he said.

When asked about the possibility of the two arrested, Fachmi not comment much. "We'll see," he said again.

If the High Attorney Sumatra hold, it will add to the long list of names of former officials who was thrown into prison by the High Attorney Muaro Padang in West Sumatra. Earlier, on Tuesday (28 / 6), West Sumatra High Attorney has detained a former Regent of Solok Gusmal with the former head of BPN, and former Head of Solok Lukman Tapem in Solok Emildolia Assistant I Setkab Khaira.

Together with the Chairman of the Audit Land A / Head of BPN Registration Rights and Husni Solok regency, and Musril Muis, a resident of New Market Jorong Koto Solok Regency Tower bottom scrapings that become an intermediary in the transfer of land rights erfpacht verponding former 172 which is located in Bukit Berkicut Jorong Sukarami. On Wednesday (8 / 6), former Mayor of Bukittinggi Djufri allegedly involved cases of alleged corruption Pemko mark up the purchase of land in Koto Selayan Mandiangin District, City of Bukittinggi was also detained. Next, followed by former Secretary of Bukittinggi Djufri Khairul who was arrested and taken to the LP Muaro Padang on Wednesday (22 / 6).

Previously, High Attorney Sumatra has also arrested a former Head of Mining Solok regency, in case of corruption in the management (receipts and deposits) Revenue contained in the Department of Mines and Energy in 2009 and 2010 in the District of Solok.

Suarman set sebegai suspect, allegedly involved in the transfer of land rights in the former erfpacht verponding 172 which is located in Bukit Berkicut Jorong Sukarami, Koto Kenagarian Lubuk geeks, District of Mount Talang, Solok regency in 2008.

While Marlon Martua named as a suspect, for suspected cases of alleged mark-up price of land development Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Sungaidareh, Dharmasraya District in 2009. Marlon has twice did not attend the examination twice, the first being in Merauke and final examination on schedule, on Wednesday (22 / 6) and then, Marlon can not meet the call, because of illness after returning from Merauke, Papua.


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