The mayor and former mayor of the suspect

Padang Pariaman Mukhlis Rahman and former mayor of Pariaman Mahyudin named as a suspect in the alleged corruption case of procurement of land for sports facilities and infrastructure in Pariaman 2007. Until yesterday (21 / 7), the third suspect was not arrested.

Together Mukhlis and Mahyudin, police also set the former Head of Governance Setdako Pariaman, Anwar as a suspect. Their determination letter as a suspect, investigators have been sent last week to three.

Special Criminal Police Director of West Sumatra, Comr Budi Utomo said that the three named as a suspect for allegedly violating the Law No. 31/1999 junto Law No. 20/2001, concerning the Eradication of Corruption.

Investigators also have obtained evidence, testimony of 25 witnesses, and a description of the three suspects.
In the case of purchase of the land area of ​​22,335 m2, the investigators estimated state losses of Rp 1.6 billion. This figure is obtained from the calculation of the State Audit Board (BPK). For the procurement of land, Pemko Pariaman spend USD 3 billion. But after dikroscek, landowners claimed only received Rp 1.3 billion.

At that time, who served as Sekko Mukhlis, is vice chairman of the procurement committee (not the head of such previous news), and Mahyudin as chairman of the committee. As for Anwar is chairman of the planning team, and the people who determine the location. "They (suspects, red) subject to the Law on Corruption Eradication exact chapter three, and chapter two," said Budi Utomo was accompanied by the Special Police Kasubdit I Ditreskrim West Sumatra, Denny Siahaan AKBP to Padang Ekspres, yesterday (21 / 7).

Be examined
Yesterday, investigators examined Mahyudin turn. Meanwhile, Anwar is scheduled to be examined today. Mukhlis will be examined next July 26. Mahyudin examined starting at 09.00, in room Special Sub I Ditreskrim Corruption. Mahyudin wearing a brown short-sleeved shirt, accompanied by his legal adviser, Donny Indra. When checked, Mahyudin was busy showing a number of files to investigators.

"Mr. Mahyudin was questioned as a suspect. I just found out he was named as a suspect after Mr Mahyudin contacted me and asked me as his PH, "Donny said on the sidelines of his client inspection.

Contacted separately, PH Mukhlis Rahman, Erizal Effendi claimed his client had not received a letter setting as a suspect. "Maybe the letter was given directly to the mayor of Pariaman. But if it had come in, certainly in the near future we as a PH of his, will receive a letter from our clients, "he said.

Know of Staff
Mahyudin when examined as a witness May 18, claiming to know the state loss of Rp1, 6 billion, rather than Mukhlis Rahman. "I know there are indications of corruption of one of my staff. Previously I never knew, and the problem was also once I ask Sekko Pariaman, "he explained.

Mahyudin said the land purchase in Karanaur, Pariaman was not the government do with the land owners directly. "The purchase of the land was done by involving a third party. The report I received, the purchase of land running smoothly and in compliance rates between landowners with Pemko Pariaman. So, I did not know there is a problem because there has been a member of the committee which administers it, "he said.

Denied Involved
Previously, Mukhlis said was not involved in this case. Negotiating the price of land, said Mukhlis, do Mahyudin the then mayor of Pariaman. "Negotiation is not the landowner, but by the third parties named Fitrias Grill, which is the family of the landowner or landowner power sellers," said Mukhlis to Padang Express.

The price of land, said Mukhlis, negotiated three times since the first price was considered too high, reaching Rp 4 billion more. "So be negotiated again until the price of land to Rp3 billion more to be decided on October 30, 2007," he explained.

After the price match, legalized sale and purchase of land, witnessed all the land procurement committee. The first party liable PPH 5 percent, which if calculated nominal Rp135 thousand per meter.

"All the money was given to the first party the power of landowners, who negotiates with Pemko Pariaman. Related to the recognition of landowners who claimed he only received Rp 1.6 billion, that I never know, because all the money has been given, "he explained.

However, he admitted the money for payment of land sale and purchase of Rp 3 billion more, indeed he is issued. "But the money spent had been through the process, and approval of the mayor of Pariaman, Mahyudin. If there is no permission, it is unlikely that money spent, "he explained.

Mahyudin and Mukhlis Rahman is okay to argue and defend yourself, but the police claimed to have evidence and strong arguments. "We have two valid evidence," said Budi Utomo, accompanied by Denny. This, he said, according to the Book of Law Article 184 Criminal Code (Criminal Code)


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