Pemko officials "throwing the ball" protest the demolition of kios at Jalan Pasar Baru emergency because their status was unclear at the Market Inpres I which has been inaugurated. They went to City Hall and Padang Parliament on Thursday (30 / 6) requires dismissal of an emergency demolition of kiosks.

Problem demolition, permits are out of the Minutes of Grants on behalf Mahyeldi no.01/BAH/DPKA/2011 as Vice Mayor of Padang told Elina Yanti, Chairman of the Association of Small Merchants Kaki Lima (IPKKL). BAH was made on Friday (24 / 6).

One point, the second party (Chairman IPKKL) were given a deadline for the demolition of the items donated for 12 calendar days, or no later than 5 July 2011. Problem letter to "grip" to dismantle the kiosk emergency, explained Chief DPKA Padang Syahrul, made the suggestion of the Office Market. "We just make the letter, but the proposal from the Office Market," he said.

In testimony in the DPRD Padang, Asnel mentioned the demolition is the authority of independent teams. For that, Asnel claims will coordinate with an independent team in order to stop the demolition of kiosks emergency until the decision is clear where they trade places.

"Actually, Office of Market have no right about this demolition, because the team decided to be dismantled is independent while the mayor just legalize it," he said call, the current market problems are left entirely to the independent teams, including the Mayor of Padang harganya.Wakil issue Mahyeldi Ansyarullah traders responded to the request by issuing a letter of termination while Kiosk Emergency Demolition I. The point, asking to stop the demolition of kiosks IPKKL emergency.

A trader at the Presidential Masrul Marajis I mentioned, the kiosk was demolished during the night from Tuesday (28 / 6). "More than 100 stalls have been dismantled by force, without notice," he said. According Masrul, it is detrimental to the merchant because the stalls are dismantled, making the traders could no longer manggaleh.

Masrul mention, due to demolition, traders suffered losses. "While the market Inpres I have no certainty, our stall was demolished," he said.

Team Secretary Settlement Market Syahrial Budi said the traders should be involved in any decision relating to the merchant. "If traders agree, whatever the decision, yes please," he said.

To Parliament

In DPRD Padang, merchants who take shelter under the flag of Emergency Kiosk Merchants Association (PPKD) asked council members to stop the demolition of kiosks, is a clear emergency until we trade in the market place Inpres I. Chairman of this organization, called the kiosk instead Majib Zaidal dismantled without any coordination or notification to merchant

In addition, emergency kiosk in front of Imam Bonjol and the Sun is currently not intended for individuals who are eligible but exploited by thugs. To that end, governments are required to eradicate the thugs who seek advantage in the marketplace.

Chairman of Commission II DPRD Padang Surya Djufri Bitel said, would submit a letter to the leadership of Parliament to follow up to the government to stall the emergency demolition was postponed until the problems of traders in stalls emergency is over. "And, we DPRD II of the Commission will continue to start until the issue is resolved, "he said.


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