PNS anxiously awaiting salary 13 Servants (PNS) in the West Sumatra provincial government a little upset, because until Friday (30 / 6) yesterday, the salary of the 13 has not been received. Not usually payment of salaries to the late 13th to late June.

For payment of salaries which no deduction was intended to ease the burden on civil servants entering the new school year. And last year, mid June, the salary of the 13 had paid the provincial government of West Sumatra.

Some civil servants in the Office of the Governor of West Sumatra, among others, such as Yar, Fit and Nursal and one of his teachers Esi, to bow Friday (30 / 6), in Padang say they also expect salaries of the 13 were immediately paid the government.

Salaries of the 13 actually becomes their savior in financing their children's schooling. For those who have children are still small, or in elementary school, maybe not too late to receive a salary issue when the 13. But for their children who are already in high school would even enter college, of course, very much hope can be helped with the salary of the 13.

"We are waiting for correct payment of salaries to the 13's. Currently our children will enroll in private universities, because he did not pass SNMPTN. Hopefully before the payment of tuition, salaries of the 13 have accepted, "said Nursal.

Meanwhile, the Head of Financial Management (DPKD) in West Sumatra, Evi Drs.Zul Astar contacted separately to say, the civil servant salaries 13 is not paid. This issue not only in Sumatra but throughout Indonesia.

Because, until now the Presidential Decree on Payment of Wages of the 13 had not yet signed by President SBY. In the end, the Ministry of Finance (PMK) about the same is yet to come out which is the basis for payment.

"It's the end of June this is the promise of the Minister of Finance to pay salaries to the 13th. We also was waiting. But until now his decree signed by President belim, "said Zul Evi.

It is said, the decree had been president over the kitchen. Hopefully soon that the President can sign the decree. Therefore, it has been prepared with all documents for the payment of salaries to the 13th. So, when decree went out and followed with FMD, payable immediately.

"Presidential Decree was in the President's desk. We hope that today it has signed, so the salaries of the 13 we can pay, "he said


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