Police: We know where Nazaruddin is (but we're not telling)

The National Police say they have learned the whereabouts of fugitive graft suspect M. Nazaruddin, an official says.

“We have located his position. However, I don't want to mention any location since we fear that he will run away to other places should I mention his current location,” National Police chief detective Insp. Gen. Sutarman said Monday.

Sutarman declined to specify whether Nazaruddin remained hiding abroad or had returned to Indonesia.

Nazaruddin, a suspect of bribery linked to the construction of an athletes' dormitory for the 2011 SEA Games, reportedly left Indonesia to fly to Singapore to seek medical care shortly after the bribery case emerged. He said that he would return to Indonesia after he recovered.

However, Nazaruddin, a former treasurer of the ruling Democratic Party, reportedly left Singapore in late June.

Since he left Indonesia, the press have received numerous Blackberry messages from a person claiming to be Nazaruddin. The messages contain allegations about bribery implicating several high-ranking members of the Democratic party.

The police have cooperated with interpol to track down and arrest the fugitive. Sutarman said that the police would continue to work with interpol to find Nazaruddin. (rcf)


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