Price Gambier Not Improved In Pessel plummeted since a month ago, until now the selling price of gambier dried sap from farmers to traders in the South Coast district has not been fueled up. This condition complained of most farmers in this area gambier.

Adi, gambier farmers in Sungai Tawar Koto XI Tarusan claimed to have suffered no small loss since the selling price of gambier slump.

"The losses have not been improved while the cost of processing gambier prices remain high," complained Adi, Saturday (23 / 7).

According to Adi drop in the price of gambier result of declining demand from importer gambier gambier so much piling up in warehouses. Usually the price will go back boost if the importer demand increases. He hopes ahead of this fast demand will rise again in order to cover the losses already suffered.

"If the conditions of the selling price is still this way, farmers can gambier folded. We can only hope the price will go up ahead of this fast," he hoped.

The same condition also acknowledged tion, gambier farmers in Siguntur. According to him since he dropped the price of gambier forced to reduce production in order not to lose a lot.

"Most of the land had not been harvested to reduce processing costs in order not to lose a lot," said tion.

Currently in the level of traders, farmers purchased gambier Rp12 to Rp14 thousand per kilogram. This price is valid since last month while at the normal price, gambier be sold at a price of Rp24 to Rp26 ribuper kilograms


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