PSB Online, Students Choose the School Than Warnet

Padang you have prepared the cafe for the registration of new students (PSB), but prospective student high school, vocational school, and Junior High School is still likely to apply through the school rather than in the cafe. This is seen as membludaknya number of students enrolled at SMK 3 Padang at the center of PSB online, while 18 are appointed cafe Padang Education Office is still empty.

In fact, enrollment in the cafe and at school, same thing. Disdik also been set up in every cafe operators to be appointed.

This condition is recognized Kasi Data Collection and Information Technology Disdik Padang, Syuhadi. "We have trained personnel carriers, but still prefer prospective students to SMK 3," he said when the Commission IV DPRD Padang while reviewing the implementation of the PSB online, last Friday (1 / 7).

Though enrollment in Warnet much easier, because in addition to existing operators who will help students make enrollment, at some cafe, also has a greater capacity than at school. This means that to access the PSB online will be faster. "Prospective students need not linger in line waiting their turn," he explained.

Questioned on socialization, he confessed to socialization into the school, district, and even attached a poster announcement of the PSB online in public places, including 18 cafes where to register. Syuhadi hope the cafe is also to socialize the prospective students in its place.

Meanwhile, related to their own capacity, Head of Programs, Quality Improvement Disdik Padang Magdalene mentions a total capacity of public schools in the Padang as many as 16,361 students consisting of as many as 4070 high school students, vocational school of 3764 students and 8527 junior high students.

"It is estimated that elementary and junior high school graduates who will enroll as many as 25 thousand. This means that there will be about 9000 candidates for junior and senior high school students who will not be accommodated in public schools. As for out of town, will only be accommodated as much as 3 percent," says Magdalena.

Associated with the PSB itself, for the first phase will last until July 4 and will be announced later on July 5. For the fulfillment of seats, registration will reopen on July 6, specifically for those who have registered in the first stage but did not pass.

"For the phase II was reserved only for those who have registered in Phase I, and even then only one option only.'s Different if the first phase of the three options. And Phase II will be announced on July 7," he said


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