Sijunjung Survey Oil and Gas it has the potential of many of mining other than gold mines. The proof, metal mines, manganese, and coal have been able to contribute in the form of income tax to local income Sijunjung district so far.

Not only that, gas and oil that was mentioned will also be produced in the district Sijunjung, seems to be realized. Because the government is now reviewing and conducted a survey of this gas and petroleum. Until now, the process has reached the stage of two-dimensional survey.

"We are targeting the year 2011 this survey has been continued to the three-dimensional stage. Actually if the dimension 2 has been established, could be held to the stage of drilling, to determine the gas and oil deposits which produced the earth, and no longer need to do three-dimensional survey. But, in order results of the survey is more conical, it seems necessary also conducted a survey of 3-dimensional, "said Head of Mining and Energy Sijujung District, Poltak Panjaitan.

Areas that have the potential gas and oil under review is contained in region IV Nagari, Koto VII, Kupitan, and Palangki area. If for example, survey results indicate the four regions that have the potential oil and gas are nice, of course Sijunjung area will be oil and gas producing regions such as Riau, and contribute to regional income.

"We are still trying to conduct the review through a survey. Of course we hope this Sijunjung region could be producing regions such as oil and natural gas in the area of ​​Riau," said Poltak added.

Meanwhile, metal mines, manganese, and coal, have been regarded as eligible to be mined and to contribute to the local income tax.

However, current conditions, manganese has now stalled. Because of the resulting deposit is not too much. So buyers prefer to buy from outside the coal mines owned by the people. And until now, only two companies who manage the coal in Sijujung.

"Companies of coal in this district is now a bit congested. This is the result of mining have little deposit, so its quality is less good. And buyers now tend to buy more coal mines ilik people. Until now, there is a new coal company in Kenagarian Bukitbual course, which is managed by PT Karbindo and three LUHAK aspect, "said Poltak.


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