Siti Nurbaya Festival a success Nurbaya Festival which was officially opened by Minister of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia, represented by Director General of Cultural Values ​​and Film Arts, Drs. Mumun Muslims, MM lively with the appearance of various arts and cultural attractions of West Sumatra. For example, the art of dance that appeals to all the guests who attended the Festival Siti Nurbaya.

Siti Nurbaya festival was held starting on July 2 to 9 2011 in Taman Budaya Padang and Padang Coastal Ocean along the road.

In each race will be awarded prizes for the winner of Rp.3.000.000, Rp.2.000.000 to champion II, and III Rp.1.000.000 to champion. While the overall winner prize siti Nurbaya festival is a cow worth 10.000.000 and
additional prize of a chairman of the DPRD Padang goats.

For this type of race that will be implemented in the festival is Siti Nurbaya, basiba kuruang shirt contest, race maelo pukek, singing competitions Minang, tarompa tampuruang race, race manggiliang Lado, kukua karambia, race nut juice, whereas
race which is a characteristic of Minangkabau is malambang race.

Also in the opening and also the implementation of the prime, which opened today, Mumun Muslims responded positively to the event, he stated that this activity is an activity needs to be developed, because they are an icon of art to West Sumatra.

"It needs to be preserved, for it's cooperation with the central government should still be done. With this festival
expected to foster future generations of young love in the development of arts and culture in West Sumatra, "he said.

Meanwhile the Mayor of Padang Padang represented wawako Mahyeldi Ansyarulah states, with the implementation of Siti Nurbaya festival is expected to provide advances to the development of artistic values ​​and culture in West Sumatra. Not only that, but can introduce tourism in West Sumatra.

The same thing also stated the Head of Tourism Department of Padang city, Dr.Edi Hasyimi, M. Si, the purpose of implementing this Nurbaya Siti festival is an effort to preserve art and culture in the city of Padang, because the city of Padang yet
arts and cultural events has remained, as well as an effort to appeal to people visiting the city of Padang


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