SMP 29 Solsel Minim Learning Space more days, the new school year begins in 2011. New students entered the school. But teachers and principals in junior 29 South Solok, anxious. Because the room to learn (-ed class) for new students does not exist.

Currently, new students who have enrolled in schools located in Sungaiaro, Nagari Lubuk East Tower, Sangir it, amounted to 65 people. While the locally available to new students only a local one. But these existing local, can not be used because there is no mobiler. In fact, to accommodate 65 students needed two local. The school was forced to struggle to find a way out, so that students can learn properly.

Head Junior High School 29, Mudafni revealed, the only alternative is to impose a two-shift schedule of learning. However, that choice has consequences that are quite heavy. The school must bear the salaries of teachers who will teach. Therefore, teachers are civil servants in the junior 29 only eight people, including principals. The rest, is the honorary teachers. Salaries of teachers honorarium funds supplied from the School Operational Assistance (BOS).

"That is our difficulty. Serba difficult it becomes. New students want to come in, but none locally," said Mudafni when met at his office, (6 / 7).

He added that the experience of last year, a class VII student forced to study in the literature. Because there is no local. The condition is, of course, is not comfortable to learn. Against it, claiming 29 junior high school Principals have been repeatedly put forward a proposal but, until now he has been no response.

"The kids here if you want to enter junior high, so only the nearest junior high 29. There are five elementary schools in junior high rayonnya 29. Although this state school, but what could I do. Keep us we also accommodate new students," he said.

In addition to lack of classrooms, other facilities are also completely minimal. Bad roads, emergency school fence, labor does not exist, and textbooks were lacking. The school is hoping junior 29 attention. In order for students who go there to learn more convenient.


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