Suryadharma Ali Doubt Can mourn of the Central Executive Board of the United Development Party Suryadharma Ali expressed his grief and the whole party cadres against the death of one of the characters ever to strengthen the PPP, Zainuddin MZ. It's just possible that he could not mourn.

"I hesitate to wake to the funeral home because the trip commute could take up to six hours," said Suryadharma, Tuesday (05/07/2011). At a press conference on the sidelines of the VII Congress of the United Development Party, Suryadharma Zainuddin MZ revealed that his death is a great loss for the PPP or Indonesia in general. He expects the emergence of a new generation of preachers and preachers are persistent in spreading the religion of Islam from city to remote villages.

Mentioned about the form of appreciation for services rendered late PPP, Suryadharma claimed not to think about the nature of matter. He said that relevant now is the prayer of the cadres and people of Indonesia.

In between plenary session, the show was stopped for a moment to pray Zainuddin MZ. Tuesday night, the agenda will enter the discussion of the order of election of the chairman of the PPP and continue on the selection event in the evening. In Congress, will compete with Akhmad Suryadharma Muqowam and Ahmad Yani.


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