Tracing the History Tours In Batusangkar Van der Capellen, a familiar word to most people of West Sumatra. A former Dutch defense fort in Batusangkar, Tanah Datar.

Historically, the fort was established during the Padri War which was built between 1822 and 1826, and named after Governor General of Dutch East Indies GAGPh. Van Der Capellen. In 1949, the fort area is transformed into Batusangkar its colonial name.

Until now, Van Der Capellen former Police Headquarters Tanah Datar is still standing strong and already included in the list one of the objects of cultural heritage in Tanah Datar. The existence of this fortress in the heart of this Batusangkar can not be separated from the events of the war between indigenous people and the religion which is estimated to occur in 1821. In 2008, the Government has conducted Tanah Datar Fort Van der Capellen rehabilitation intended to restore the value of this ancient banguan become objects of cultural building high value for tourism LUHAK Nan Tuo.

"For these ancient buildings can be maintained let alone keep a long history, the government will keep doing rehabilitation is expected to maintain as original and interesting places to visit," said Head of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports Alfian Jamrah.

When visitors enter the Fort Van der Capellen, there are two ancient cannons Dutch peningalan located on either side of the fort buildings. Returns an early form of castle building currently occupied by the Office of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports Tanah Datar was still maintained.

Flashes History

After the Dutch left the Batusangkar, Fort Van der Capellen then used by PTPG which is the forerunner IKIP Padang (now State University of Padang) for teaching and learning which was inaugurated though Prof. M. Yamin, SH. Use of building a fort to PTPG lasted until 1955 and that year moved to the Mount PTPG forelock.

Fortress Van Der Capellen then serve as the headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia.

At erupted PRRI 1957, Fort Van der Capellen controlled Diponegoro 439 Battalion which was then handed over to police on May 25, 1960. The police later determined as Mapolres Tanah Datar and continuing through 2000.

Since 2001, Fort Van der Capellen vacated because Mapolres Tanah Datar had moved to new buildings that are in Pagaruyung.

In 1984 the addition of room for Serse Bhayangkari kindergarten and is built well. The trench is still there on the right and left of the fort buildings backfilled and leveled in 1986. In addition, the room holding cell that originally consisted of four rooms, one which will leave dismantled into 3 rooms. Changes in the building last time that happened in 1988, namely the addition of the canteen building and building for warehouse


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