Truck tonnage in the Port did not apply tonnage restriction policy does not apply to trucks carrying goods / containers / cargo out of the Gulf port Bayur, Padang. This is evident from the many trucks carrying goods that exceed the capacity of 9-16 tons already regulated by the government since early July. It is feared, the government's aim to rejuvenate the highway is not optimal.
Marketing and Customer Service Advisor PT. Gulf Branch Bayur Pelindo II, Day Hartadi said, no limitation in the Gulf Bayur truck tonnage as most cargo containers and sealed before being sent by sea. As a result, trunks and cargo can not be dismantled in order to reduce its load.
He said also, the non-application restrictions for truck tonnage will only bring goods into the warehouse located in the city of Padang. In the warehouse then do the restrictions on cargo.
"The warehouses are generally located along the road the Padang By-Pass. It was only a few pounds just from the port, "said Day told Singgalang, Thursday (21 / 7).
It also expressed the Head of the Gulf Kapenbapel Bayur, Sayfrizal. He said, has not been imposed tonnage restrictions for truck loading and unloading out of the Gulf port Bayur. This is because the heavy-laden truck was not carrying goods directly out of the city.
Predictable, if enacted in the Gulf Bayur tonnage, will be a lot of trucks lined up, because they can not carry items in bulk. Until June 2011, traffic flow of goods into the Gulf Bayur showed an increase. For containers, the number reached 29,125 TEUs. General Cargo, 21 968 tons. CARDO Bag, 571 161 tonnes, liquid bulk and dry, each as much as 2241. 896 and 3,114,267 tons. If the imposed restrictions on tonnage, is predicted to be a lot of trucks that are not smooth.
However, no force in the Gulf Bayur tonnage restrictions are concerned, contributed to the condition of roads in the city. Observers are also public policy Sekdaprov Former West Sumatra, Rusdi Lubis said the policy of the West Sumatra provincial government to make this tonnage limit is appropriate public policy. However, the government needs to conduct thorough oversight to the program is running well.
"This is a good development. If the government is committed to improving public infrastructure and facilities, necessary firmness. And most importantly, the losses due to this policy also needs to be a consideration, "said Rusdi explained.


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