Wait and see, says SBY on Cabinet reshuffle plans


Blog Padangekspres.net-Amid the brouhaha over statements made Monday by presidential special staff Daniel Sparingga that a Cabinet reshuffle was being mulled and would take place within three weeks, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gave his first public comment on the issue on Tuesday.

“Just wait and see, please," Yudhoyono said, smiling, at the Presidential Palace in Central Jakarta.

He declined to comment further on the issue.

The question was raised after Yudhoyono asked reporters what topics were in the news. The reporters told the President that the public wanted to know about his Cabinet reshuffle plans.

The issue of a reshuffle also resurfaced following a survey released Sunday by the Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI) citing that the public approval ratings for Yudhoyono’s current Cabinet performance had dropped significantly to 37.7 percent this month, as compared to 52.3 percent in January 2010.

The LSI report says the decline is largely attributable to corruption cases implicating several ministers.


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