Pasaman Society Asks Police to Catch Bookies

Padangekspres-W Sumatera, August 3 (ANTARA) - People in the South Rao Sub-district, Pasaman, West Sumatera, expect the ranks of local police to arrest the illegal RCMS bookies that has begun to fret in the region.

"People have started to fret with RCMS this type of action because gambling has grown up into the corners of the villages or traditional villages, especially in Lansek Kadok," said community leader of Lansek Kadok, Khairani as a dialogue with the Safari Ramadan Team in Pasaman on Thursday night.

He said the gambling type RCMS has been penetrated and sold freely in stalls in Lansek Kadok. Demand not only the thugs, fathers, school children and even women were already part of it.

"We are very concerned that the bookies are not immediately arrested RCMS will be destructive to the community. For that we sincerely hope there is seriousness of the government and the police to solve this problem," he said.

Head of District Attorney (Kajari) Pasaman, Lubis who became head of the group Safari Ramadhan Team then said that he received complaints of local residents and promised to deliver it to the Pasaman District and local police.

He said, from the religious point of view, people involved with gambling were not justified because it can lead to sin. Of the positive law of gambling are also banned because it can cause anxiety for the community.

But to eradicate these activities would be supported by strong evidence for its existence.

"We can only prosecute the perpetrators, especially those airports that already have the RCMS are strong evidence," he said.

He said this information would be very useful as a reference in carrying out the task for the authorities in this matter.

"We will coordinate these reports with elements Muspida Pasaman so that the existence and the truth of these reports can be investigated," he said. (* / cpw6)


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